Who We Are

Professional Security Guards in Dubai, UAE

Here at Platinum Wings Security Services we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of security guard services at an affordable rate. We strive to be the leader in supreme customer service and support.

All security guards at Platinum Wings Security Services are licensed professionals from SIRA who will uphold the highest level of integrity and professionalism. We can provide you with a wide variety of security services for Residential, Commercial Facilities, Businesses, Shopping Centers, Hotels, Corporates and Special Events across Dubai.

Platinum Wings Security Services guards and management has the wide relevant experience to tackle new challenges in any situation with commitment and confidence. We are passionate for excellence and are committed to attain highest quality, striven through the best value to our clients by supporting their goals and by maintaining good customer relationship and time management.

Platinum Wings Security Services provides security personnel from various nationalities including from Asia, Africa and the Middle East who are well qualified, disciplined and committed to their task. The security personnel are carefully chosen based on level of professionalism, mannerism, aptitude and skills. All our guards are trained and participating in advanced training programs from SIRA. Our rigorous selection process ensures that Platinum Wings Security employs only the most qualified security guards. This includes education, experience in the industry, physical fitness, and personality. Education is included as part of the selection criteria. All of Platinum Wings Security Services security guards are educated to a minimum of higher secondary, with many whom are university graduates. Their existing experience within the security industry is an important consideration, with both local and international experience considered. Platinum Wings Security Services security guards must be physically fit and mentally strong. Focus, dedication and the ability to work as part of the Platinum Wings Security Services team are also essential. Our staff have the skills and experience to successfully handle and manage any security threat, actual or potential, that our clients may experience.

We believe that diversity and multiculturalism enhance our organization and its abilities. Platinum Wings Security’s team is truly multinational. Many speak at least two languages, providing a valuable resource for our clients, whatever sector they operate in.

Our intensive preparation and training for the security officers ensure their ability to be employed in any organization and their training encompasses hypothetical and practical work that focuses on customer service, public relations, surveillance techniques, fire and health and safety.

Give your family, property and investments the professional protection and security they deserve. Choose the outstanding security services of Platinum Wings Security Services. We are the leading security firm in Dubai, UAE. Visit us today and discuss your security needs with our experts.